Concrete Contractors - Chicago

Whether you need your residential or commercial concrete structures repaired or new concrete construction, Prime Masonry Inc is your Chicago concrete contractor. Our concrete work professionals specialize in all forms of concrete structures in Chicago, from sidewalks and walkways to the driveways and pavers. We pour the strong foundation for new construction in Chicago, and we also repair foundations as well. Our team of skilled professionals is highly trained and knowledgeable as well, and many of them specialize in concrete, masonry, and brick working. We can take on any size job; from the large commercial parking deck or a small backyard basketball paver. Whatever your needs, Prime Masonry Inc can accommodate.

Prime Masonry Inc offers a wide variety of concrete work in Chicago, including concrete repair, concrete steps, concrete blocks, concrete patio, concrete finishing, residential concrete work, concrete driveway repair, concrete stamps, concrete sidewalk repair, concrete pavers, concrete installation and much more. Our vast experience and expertise have allowed us to become one of Chicago's leading local driveways concrete contractors. At Prime Masonry Inc, we strive to keep you compliant. We’ve proudly served Chicago and surrounding areas for over three decades, and we feel confident we have the best solution for all your concrete needs. Call our Chicago concrete contractors and schedule a free inspection and estimate. Get in touch with us today to get your free consultation set up. We promise you work that is quality, and that’s safe and effective.